WHITE SAPOTE ‘Casimiroa Edulis’


Grafted Plant.

POT: Ø CM 20/ LT: 4




The White Zapote or Sapote (Casimiroa Edulis) variety ‘Mc Dill’ is a large evergreen tree native to Mexico and Nicaragua, of rapid growth, beautiful bearing, with composed leaves and clusters of odorless green-yellow flowers.

The fruits are green drupes, of diameter from 6 to 12 cm, with white pulp, buttery, edible. Each fruit has 1 to 5 seeds similar to those of Lemon, but much larger and harder as almonds. The fruits, which ripen at the end of the summer, are harvested when they still have a firm consistency and in 5-6 days they reach perfect ripeness; they can be eaten fresh or as jam.

The white pulp has a creamy consistency due to its low fiber content; it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and particularly sweet, because it contains more than 26% of sugars. The bark, the leaves and the seeds contain an alkaloid, the casimiroina, which has the property of lowering blood pressure.

La Casimiroa, cultivated and very appreciated in the tropics, is well suited to the regions with mild winter; it prefers fresh and clayey soils – dry, well drained, requiring some summer irrigation.


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