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It is a shrub a little more than a meter tall with erect stems, branched, of brown and / or gray, shiny. The leaves are alternate, with long petiole, with three or five lobes with serrated margin, with sparse hairs on the ribs, of an intense green color. They are among the first to fall in the fall. The inconspicuous flowers appear together with the first leaves gathered in clusters. the root system is superficial.

La varietà ‘WITTE HOLLANDER’ presenta frutti di colore bianco, medio piccoli, dolci e saporiti.

Currant fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements, very useful for their astringent, diuretic, purifying and refreshing action.

The fruits of the currant are rich in citric acid, vitamin C, malic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanins, polyunsaturated acids and oligolities. Thanks to their composition they have an astringent, refreshing and protective effect on the retina, vessels and capillaries. They also have diuretic and purifying properties. The fruits of the currant are useful during pregnancy to prevent and relieve swelling and heaviness in the legs.

The blackcurrants prefer a place to stay in a rather sunny area or, at the same time, that is particularly bright. However, it should be noted that the currant plant is able to develop without particular complications even when it is placed in the shade or in the shade.


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