WAMPEE ‘Clausena Lansium’


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Clausena lansium, also known as wampee or wampi, is a species of strongly scented evergreen tree with a height that can reach 5 meters., In the dekke family Rutaceae, native to Southeast Asia.

The wampee is grown for its fruit, which looks like a grape. The tree is popular in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Less frequently, it is grown in India, Sri Lanka and Queensland; occasionally, it is also grown in Florida and Hawaii. The fruit is oval, about 3 cm long, 2 cm in diameter, and contains from two to five seeds which occupy ~ 40-50% of the volume of the fruit. Fruit ripening is summer.

The Wampee fruit is packed with numerous health benefits, although it is not widely known. It has various antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anti-helminthic and anti-tumor properties.

The optimal climate is tropical or subtropical; it is sensitive to frost. Withstands -6 ° C. The tree has a strong tolerance for poor soils, but significant fruit production occurs with rather deep and rich soils.


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