TAMARILLO ‘Cyphomandra Betacea’


Cyphomandra Betacea – Tamarillo

Pot 14 cm – lt. 1,2


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The Tamarillo (Cyphomandra betacea Send.) Belongs to the Family of Solanaceae and is native to South America (tropical zone), and was introduced in Europe by the French at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Very cultivated in New Zealand. It is a fast growing shrub, which at maturity can also reach 5 meters. The leaves are heart-shaped, fleshy, slightly pubescent, very large and long petiolate. The flowers are pink or lavender, grouped in terminal racemes and flower in a scalar fashion.

The fruits, solitary or in groups, are berries, of a variable color from yellow to red to purple, of ovoid shape with pointed apex, containing many small seeds (120-150). The pulp is of variable color from cream yellow to orange-yellow to orange-red, whose flavor reminds that of tomato.

Tamarillo is a low-calorie fruit. Contains vitamin B6, C, E, carotene and fiber.

It is a fairly rustic plant that is well suited to a variety of conditions. As for the temperature, this must never fall below 2/3 ° C and must not exceed 35 ° C, a situation that could seriously damage it. It protects the exposure in full sun if the climate in the area is quite cool, while it grows better if placed in a semi-shade condition where the climate is more torrid in the summer.


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POT: CM 11X11 – Liters: 1,1, POT: Ø CM 18 – Liters: 3,2


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