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The chard has really many qualities: it is cultivated well both in pot and in the garden, its leaves are always sweet even during the summer, does not immediately mount to seed, continues to produce leaves until the first frosts and the extraordinary color of its coasts , make it particularly suitable for beautifying the balcony or the garden. It tolerates a wide range of climatic conditions (including wind and weather) and soils, but wants regular watering and a soil free from weeds.

Cultivating it is very simple, in a vegetable garden or in a pot, because it is a vegetable that has very few needs. In fact, beets are rustic plants that adapt to many types of soil and climate; they prefer positions in full sun, require only constant watering and well calibrated according to climatic trends and weed cleaning. You can sow towards the end of winter by protecting the seedlings in seedbeds or directly in the open field as soon as the temperatures permanently exceed 7 ° C.

When the leaves are quite developed, we will begin by collecting the outer leaves first. Then, with time, if the plants seem a bit ‘tired, to reinvigorate them we can cut all the leaves and wait for them to grow again. Be aware that chards produce for a long time.

Chards can be eaten raw in salads, when the leaves are young and tender, or cooked, steamed or blanched, and then finished at will.


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