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Vigorous and rustic plant, not very demanding in fertilization. It is the remontant strawberry that can cover the entire production period (spring, summer, autumn), adapting the plants according to the planting period.

Good taste quality, sugary, not very acid, with a marked aroma of wild strawberry. Regular fruit of medium-large size (17-20 grams of average weight).Colore brillante rosso sangue. Polpa soda.

The strawberry has many healthy virtues: first of all it has a very high antioxidant power that exceeds that of other foods by 20 times and a rich content of vitamin C compared to citrus fruits; that’s why the strawberry is at the top of the USDA’s special ranking of foods that keep young. But that’s not all: it is also very rich in calcium, iron and magnesium and is recommended for those suffering from rheumatism and colds. It is also particularly suitable for fighting cholesterol. Strawberry also has a high content of phosphorus and is used for its laxative, diuretic and purifying properties. Strawberries are also good sources of ellagic acid, which is an effective anticancer. They are also refreshing, diuretic, purifying and detoxifying. Finally, they contain xylitol, a sweet substance that prevents the formation of dental plaque and kills the germs responsible for bad breath.

It prefers sunny areas. It resists drought well.


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