SCHISANDRA CHINENSIS Berry of five falvors


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Schisandra is also called ‘flavor berry’ because of its unusual combination of flavors (sour, sweet, salty, spicy and bitter) originates from the extreme south-eastern Russia and the north-east of China.
Known and used as a medicinal plant, in the countries of origin for millennia, the Schisandra chinensis is a liana with woody stem with a very contained habit. The leaves are dense and deciduous, pointed, medium-small, slightly fleshy, of a beautiful bright green color with marked ribs that accentuate the beauty of the whole and a characteristic petiole which, when young, is red, while in autumn, before of the fall, take on a pleasant yellow-orange color. Being a climbing plant it needs supports (nets, trellises, etc …).

  • Increases physical and mental performance;
  • Increases the sharpness of sight and hearing;
  • Reduces eye fatigue in tasks that require extensive visual concentration;
  • Improve concentration and attention;
  • Increases physical and mental performance;
  • Restores the body after a serious prolonged effort, in convalescence from diseases;
  • Helps the body to resist stress factors such as heat, cold, noise, emotional overload, etc;
  • Is used successfully in integrated programs for the treatment of gastrointestinal and communicable diseases, and some mental conditions.

Fruits can be eaten fresh but are generally expected to be completely dried for most of their uses.

The dried berries (often on the branches themselves, by the sun) are useful for making infusions and infusions, but also for liqueur drinks. There are also desserts and fruit juices made with berries of the five flavors. In medicine also young leaves, bark and roots are used.

Very rustic plant, it resists well the winter frosts, it prefers a sunny area.

Plant in acid soils.


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