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Salvia melone also known as “Salvia elegans Honey Melon” belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It produces numerous erect stems up to a meter high. The leaves are veined, covered with fine down, bright yellow and have a melon-like scent. The red flowers are collected in spikes and bloom for a prolonged period usually from spring to autumn.

It requires a dry, well-drained and sunny soil. Does not tolerate moisture. Once rooted, the Salvia melon can form a large bush. Water as needed. With a strong frost, the aerial part will disappear to reappear the following spring.

The leaves have a pleasant melon scent and can be used fresh or dried as a flavoring.

Having a melon-like aroma, the leaves are used in cool drinks, cocktails and fruit salads. They are also used to enhance the taste of poultry, pork and cheese dishes. The young leaves can be fried in butter and served with cream. They are also used in potpourri and burned to deodorize environments.


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