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Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) is a plant native to continental Europe and Asia Minor.
The European raspberry is a bushy plant, formed by numerous two-year-long suckers that rise from the roots, so there is a continuous renewal of the bush that expands in width., The suckers, provided with a light green epidermis, are long until 2 m. The main roots are squat and rhizomatous, while the secondary ones are superficial and fasciculate. The leaves are deciduous, consisting of 3-5 oval leaflets, dark green and with a serrated edge. The flowers are gathered in racemes carried by flowering buds that arise, in the uniform varieties, apically and laterally to the shoots of the previous year, or even to the suckers of the year in the primocane cultivars.

The ‘TULAMAGIC’ variety has medium-sized, puffy, conical fruits, dark red with a tendency to purple, with an aromatic, sweet-and-sour taste.

The raspberry is composed of 80% of water, 10% of carbohydrates, 5% of fibers, 1.2% of proteins, sugars, ashes and, in very small percentage, (0.6%) of fats.

MINERAL SALTS – magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper and calcium.
CHETONE – stimulates the production of adiponectin, a hormone that acts on the metabolism and causes the body to burn fat to produce energy.

Raspberry prefers a sunny or semi / sunny area, it is suitable for all types of terrain.

The variety ‘TULAMAGIC’ is uniferous with early maturation, among the unifying raspberries is considered as intermediate, anticipates the collection of Tulameen. It has about 3-4 weeks of production. Very beautiful fruit with a bright and consistent red color, which easily detaches from the plant.


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