PEPINO UNGU ‘Solanum Muricatum Aiton’


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Solanum muricatum Aiton is a herbaceous plant native to the Andes, belonging to the large family of Solanaceae, cultivated for its fruit.

It has an ovoid shape, the size varies between the walnut and a large peach. The color of the peel is purple. It can have black vertical stripes. The skin is thin and should be removed. Inside, there are the very small seeds. The pulp is yellow-orange. The pulp is moderately sweet, fresh and juicy, with a flavor and aroma similar to a combination of cantaloupe-melon-cucumber.

Contains many good nutrients: Vit. C, A and B and Potassium.

Pepino Ungu is not difficult to grow: it grows well even in a pot, it requires a lot of sun. During the winter it must be repaired because it fears the frosts.


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