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The litchi or cherry of China (Litchi chinensis) is a plant of the Sapindaceae family, the only species of the genus Litchi.
It is a tropical and subtropical plant native to southern China and Southeast Asia, now cultivated in many parts of the world.

The fresh fruit has a white and delicate, fragrant pulp

Litchi is rich in vitamin C, so much so that 100 grams of pulp provides more than 80% of the recommended daily dose; moreover it has traces of many other vitamins, especially those of group B.

Poverissimo of fats and sodium, instead provides copper phosphorus and potassium to the body that make the heart and the circulatory system tonic.

The fruit possesses a wide range of polyphenols with proprietary oxidants and in Chinese folk medicine is indicated as a remedy for headaches, probably due to the vasodilatory properties of nicotinic acid. This last substance facilitates the purification of the blood by cleaning away from bad cholesterol and other toxic substances and so together other active ingredients with antioxidant power can be considered a functional food just towards the prevention of arteriosclerosis.

Finally, in the litchi there is a polyphenol called oligonol with antioxidant and anti-flu activity so it is able to fight viruses.

To encourage the flowering and the consequent fructification, the lychees need a period of winter rest, at temperatures close to 0 (it does not tolerate frosts, to take shelter). In nature, the lychee is a dominant plant in the forest. It therefore grows more in height than other trees in the same environment, reaching more light. Even in cultivation this aspect must be respected. They must therefore be placed in full sun.


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