LESSER CALAMINT ‘Calamintha nepeta’


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It is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Labiate family. It has a prostrate posture since its branches tend to be arranged horizontally. The name of this plant comes from the flavor it gives off, as if this herb naturally contains the spice of pepper. The leaves are rounded, wrinkled, of a blue-greenish color. The flowers are white tending to violet. It can reach a height of 30 cm.

Pepper grass tends to grow on uncultivated land, in dry and stony places, in meadows and along roadsides. It adapts to any type of soil even if it prefers humid and soft ones; it can also be grown in pots. It is best to avoid clayey or heavy soils that prevent proper water drainage. It can be placed both in the sun and in the shade. In winter, the aerial part tends to disappear if left outside. It resists drought well. Water as needed.

The freshly harvested leaves of the herb are used throughout the vegetative time.

It can be used to flavor all savory dishes, broths, poultry and beef fillets. Pepper grass is an antibacterial and over time activates the production of gastric juices, greatly helping digestion.



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