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KEI APPLE ‘Dovyalis Caffra’


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The structure of the plant is characterized by robust thorns that branch off from the axils of the leaves. From the axils of the main leaves, short groups of other alternate leaves sprout, obovate (ovate with the widest part opposite the petiole), 3-6 cm long.

The flowers are very modest, small and greenish, single or gathered in small groups.

The fruits are globose berries, sulfur yellow or orange when ripe, diameter 2-3 cm, with a thin and waxy skin, and with many (5-6) flattened seeds, the deep yellow pulp is crossed by thin fibers departing from the petiole towards the seeds; the fruits are sweet but with a sensitive acid component; in over-ripening the acidity disappears, but a sweetish dominant arises, not always appreciated.

The plant is spontaneous but is often cultivated for fruit, or used to create insuperable fencing hedges, due to the imposing thorniness.

The plant has considerable resistance to poor and arid soils; it has a remarkable resistance to sea winds. As for the cold it resists up to -6 ° C


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