MUSA BASJOO ‘Japanese Banana’

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The Musa Basjoo, or banana tree, is a species cultivated mainly in all tropical countries, but is native to south-eastern Asia (where it was cultivated already in prehistoric times, while in Europe it came only after 1600). The banana tree is a herbaceous plant with a tree aspect, endowed with a rhizomatous and perennial root system. To learn to recognize them you must know that its stems, not branched, become high from 3 up to 8 meters. They are surmounted by a crown of wide and oval leaves, up to 3 meters long, supported by a sturdy peduncle and crossed by a central vein

The fruits are 10 to 30 centimeters long each and are gathered in helmets that weigh from 10 to 50 kg.

The largest producer of the fruit is India, followed by Brazil and China. Ecuador, which is one of the largest exporters in Italy, is in fourth place.


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Weight 5 kg
Pot: CM/LT

POT: Ø CM 14 – Liters: 1,2, POT: Ø CM 18 – Liters: 3,2


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