JAMBOLAN ‘Syzygium Cumini’


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The Syzygium cumin commonly known as jambolan, plum plum or black plum, is an evergreen tropical tree in the family of flowering plants Myrtaceae. It is native to the Indian subcontinent, adjacent regions of South East Asia, China and Queensland. The fruit name is sometimes mystified as blackberry, which is a different fruit in an unrelated family. Syzygium cumini has been spread abroad from India by Indian emigrants and is currently common in former British tropical colonies.

The tree was introduced to Florida in 1911 by the USDA, and is now commonly cultivated in Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. In Brazil, where it was introduced from India during Portuguese colonization, it spontaneously dispersed in nature in some places, as its fruits are fiercely desired by various native birds. This species is considered invasive in Hawaii.

The fruit color changes from green to pink to red blood to black with its maturation.
The Syzygium cumini trees begin to bloom from March to April. The flowers are fragrant and small, about 5 mm in diameter. The fruits grow in May or June and resemble large berries; the fruit of the Syzygium species is described as “drupaceous”. The fruit is oblong, ovoid. The hazy fruit looks green. As it matures, its color becomes pink, then becomes crimson red and finally black. The fruit has a combination of sweet, slightly sour and astringent flavor and tends to color the purple tongue.

It is a species with slow growth, can reach heights up to 30 meters and can live more than 100 years. Its dense foliage provides shade and is also cultivated for its ornamental value. At the base of the tree, the bark is rough and dark gray, becoming clearer and smoother. Wood is water resistant. This is why it is used in railway trackers and for installing engines in wells. Sometimes it is used to make cheap furniture and resorts even though it is relatively difficult to work.


Species of fast growing growth in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate areas, where it can withstand temperatures of a few degrees below 0 ° C for a short time.

It requires exposure to full sun and draining soils with wide availability of water, especially during the warmer months.


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