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It belongs to the Capsicum frutescens and takes its name from the homonymous region of Mexico from which it originates. Introduced in Louisiana, USA, in 1848, it is best known for its use in Tabasco sauce. The plant is up to 1.50 meters high, up to 60 cm wide. The leaves, lanceolate, are green. The flowers, with purple corolla, single, with yellow or purple stamens, with 5-7 petals, appear at the axil of the leaves, one or more per node. The conical, usually erect fruits are up to 4 cm long. Initially light green in color, they turn from yellow to orange, to bright red when ripe. They are harvested when they are perfectly ripe, that is when they are juicier, not dry inside. They are the main ingredient of the spicy sauce of the same name, the original formula of which dates back to 1859. It was Colonel Maunsell White who prepared the first Tabasco sauce. The exclusive recipe was then given to banker friend E. McIlhenny, who began growing chillies on a hill in Avery Island, Louisiana. Marketed since 1868, it was patented in 1870 by the McIlhenny family, who became famous for this. Today it is labeled in 22 languages ​​and is sold in over 180 countries around the world. The original recipe provides that a mixture of 640 grams of Tabasco pulp and seeds, with the addition of 20 grams of coarse salt, left to ferment in a closed sterile container, from one month to three years. At the next racking, add 200 ml of white vinegar to the mixture and let it rest for 7 days before bottling and storing in the fridge. In addition to the original Tabasco, on the market there are versions with Habanero, Scotch bonnet (the most spicy ever), Jalapenos, smoked Chipotle, with garlic, with sweet Tabasco, with Cayenna red. Low spiciness, referred to the original Tabasco, 2,500-5,000 SHU.

To cultivate it must be considered that it is a pepper that prefers a warm and humid climate, similar to the tropical one. Water as needed.

Once it reaches maturity it detaches from the plant, throughout the summer.

In the kitchen it is recommended in combination with braised meats and game.


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