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Lonicera KAMTSCHATICA, belongs to the family Caprifoliacee, plant native to the Asian peninsula of Kamchatka, called Siberian Blueberry, accustomed to the cold climate of the Bering sea, widespread in Japan and Russia where it grows in the wild, well tolerates our climates tolerating even the -30 ° C.

The fruit is similar to a narrower and elongated berry than that of other blueberry species, it has a bluish color like that of common blueberry but with a lighter shade also due to the abundant purine it is covered with. The pulp inside is bright red. Its fine skin and its very small seeds make it a pleasant fruit even if a little sour.

Rich in vitamin C, D, B9, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. The antioxidants Abundance, CAPILLARIES Makes Stronger than one benefit of the Brain, improving memory and improving Eyes The Night view too. And ‘an antibiotic NATURAL Profit In the fight and prevention of cystitis. HONEYBERRY IS ONE OF THE 10 LEADING PRODUCTS THAT HAVE THE PROPERTY ‘OF LIFE prolong CELL delaying aging !!

Unlike all blueberries, the Siberian blueberry does not need acid soil, and adapts well in any type of soil.

It favors sunny areas.

The variety ‘FIALKA’ is robust and enlarged, very productive with long berries. medium maturation.


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