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Gynura aurantiaca is an evergreen herbaceous plant native to Indonesia; in nature it reaches considerable dimensions, but in container it usually stays within 40-50 cm of height and width. The stems, semi-woody or herbaceous, are semi-climbing, or hanging, and make the plant very suitable to be grown in hanging baskets. The large leaves are dark green, covered with a dense purple-purple hair, which makes them velvety, for this characteristic it is also called Purple Velvet.

In late summer it produces small orange flowers, which give off a disgusting smell: for this reason it is advisable to cut them as soon as they appear. Furthermore, after flowering the plant tends to take on a very disordered and elongated appearance, it is therefore good to shorten the stems slightly.

The plants of Gynura aurantiaca are grown in a shady or semi-shady, but very bright place; the more the plant is exposed to light, the more the hair that covers the leaves takes on an intense color. They fear the cold, so they are grown as house plants; it is also possible to use gynure as annuals in the garden, in this case they tend to develop a lot, up to a few meters in length.

The ideal temperature is around 20 ° C and must never be below 10 ° C.

It is a plant that likes an environment with high environmental humidity; it is therefore possible to nebulize the leaves, especially when the temperatures are high.


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