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The Lycium Barbarum, botanical name of the plant that produces Goji berries, is a perennial, rustic shrub, native to the Himalayan regions of Asia, with a rather vigorous growth.

The fruits of Goji are small orange berries, long max 1.5cm, famous for their beneficial and vitaminic properties. They differ from those of the Red Goji Lycium Chinense.

– contain 400 times more orange vitamin C

– 18 types of amino acids, in quantities eight times higher than those found in bee pollen.

– 21 trace elements, from zinc to iron, copper, selenium, phosphorus, many vitamins, including B1, B2, B6.

– 22 complex polysaccharide molecules, 4 of which specific stimulate the body’s natural defenses, and therefore have anti-aging properties.

– Strengthen the immune system.

– Lower blood pressure.

– lower the rate of cholesterol in the blood.

– Lighten the liver.

– Improve the assimilation of calcium.

– They are useful in cases of fatigue, immune weakness of hypertension, urinary infections, excess cholesterol, prevents eye disorders.

It favors sunny areas. It resists well to drought.


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