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The blackberry or ramble (Rubus fruticosus L.) is a shrubby plant of the Rosaceae family native to Eurasia. Its fruits are blackberries. It is a shrub that can reach 2-3 m in height.
The leaves are deciduous, composed of 3-5 ovate or obovate foil leaflets and serrated margins and acute apex.
The flowers are hermaphrodite, whitish or pink, gathered in racemic inflorescences; the flowering depends on the variety. It is a mellifera plant from which the bees derive a particular monoflora honey. Resist well to winter frosts.

The variety ‘KARAKA’ is thorny.

The variety ‘KARAKA’ produces white flowers, the fruit is long.

The blackberry, that everyone knows for the goodness of the fruits, is appreciated also for the property astringent, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, haemostatic, coloring and aromatizing.
The decoction of leaves, which are particularly rich in tannins, slows the abundant menstruation and diarrhea, fights the hemorrhoids and the stomatitis, for external use they are used, in rinses and gargles, for bleeding gums, for irritations and sore throat.
The fruits that are rich in sugars and vitamins, are an excellent dietary food and are also used as a corrective of taste in the pharmaceutical industry, for the preparation of syrups, liqueurs, jams, jellies, cakes, ice cream, sorbets, to flavor the vinegar and as food coloring.
The young boiled sprouts are an unusual, but excellent salad.
In Germany and England the leaves are used in tea brews.

It prefers sunny or semi-shaded areas, it adapts well in any terrain.

The ‘KARAKA’ variety is medium-ripened.


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