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The Pyracantha or Firethorn is an evergreen shrub plant grown for ornamental purposes in the garden, in pots and as a fence hedge.

The plant forms thick bushes composed of numerous woody and thorny stems that can even exceed 3 meters in height. The thorns, hidden among the leaves, are aculeate, rigid, about 5 cm long and due to their presence the firethorn plants are used to create hedges with protection.

The fruits are small spherical berries of white, yellow-orange or deep red color, gathered in very decorative clusters that persist on the branches throughout the winter and are often used for Christmas decorations and for the preparation of an exquisite jam.

The small berries are edible fruits that are actually small apples with sugary pulp and small seeds.

It is a shrub that grows well in semi-shady and sunny places. It is a very resistant plant and also withstands very low temperatures and therefore can be grown without problems even in areas characterized by severe winters and in mountainous areas up to 1000 meters above sea level.


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