COSTA RICA GUAVA ‘Psidium Friedrichsthalianum’


POT: Ø CM 14/ LT: 1,2




The Guava Costa Rica are usually small trees, some reach sizes up to 10 m; with hairless or sometimes tarnished-pubescent branches, quadrangular, generally generally winged. Leaves generally elliptic, some oblong, 4,7-12,5 cm long and 2,5-5 cm broad, short pointed or acute apex, acute cuneiform or rounded root, glabrous; Generally solitary flowers, peduncles up to 4 cm long, glabrous or poorly pubescent bracts, filiform bracts, up to 1.5 mm long; hypanthium 2-5 mm long, glabrous; goblet divided during the antesis into 3 segments or irregular wolves up to 1 cm long. Globose or oval fruits, 3-5 cm long.

Guava is rich in antioxidants, more than all the other fruits, and contains much more vitamin C than orange; It can also boast a high amount of dietary fiber and a substantial presence of minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper and phosphorus. Guava seeds have a very good vitamin A content, vitamins of the B complex, vitamin E and iodine. Guava leaves are rich in chlorophyll.

The plant grows better on sunny sites with moist and fertile soils, but is tolerant of a wide range of conditions and can grow in disturbed areas and in difficult terrain. Does not tolerate salinity or flooded substrates.


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