COFFEE PLANT ‘Coffea Arabica’


POT: Ø CM 12 / LT: 0,7 – Plant Height 15/20 CM




The Coffea Arabica, a plant originally from Ethiopia but now widespread in all tropical countries, belongs to the Rubiaceae family.

It ‘an evergreen plant with shrub bearing with very decorative leaves that rarely exceeds one and a half meters in height if grown in the apartment.

It is provided with rather thin stems and the leaves are more or less pointed oval, about 15 cm long, glossy with a beautiful dark green color and with serrated margins. The flowers are grouped in clusters and blooms in mid-summer, white, starry and very fragrant.

The flowers are white and fragrant and are gathered in clusters and appear in the middle of summer at the sticking of the leaves on the stems, which follow the fruits that are red berries containing each two seeds that we know as “coffee beans”, to which it follows the roasting of the seed, which consists in its cooking at 200-240 ° C, during which it assumes the typical brownish-black color.

The coffee, taken in moderate doses, has properties that bring benefits to the cardiac activity, thereby improving the body’s resistance to prolonged efforts. Studies on caffeine and its properties have demonstrated its thermogenic effect, ie its ability to burn energy and consequently fat.

‘Coffea Arabica’: the ideal temperature is 18-20 ° C, but in winter it also tolerates lower values, provided it is not below 13 ° C. The light must be very good, but protected from direct sunlight, in order to avoid burns to the leaves. Especially in winter the position will have to be very bright.


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