CLOUDBERRY Rubus Chamaemorus ‘Nyby’



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Il Cloudberry Rubus Chamaemorus has a wooded long stem between 10 and 25 cm, long stalked and lobed leaves, a single white flower consists of five petals and five sepals, fruit consists of small fleshy drupes (polidrupa), sweet flavor with an astringent note. The variety ‘Nyby’ is self-fertile.

The fruit of ‘cloudberry’ former is yellow-green sepals and hidden inside closed, then it becomes red and appears between the sepals mating. In this period it is still odorless and tasteless. Сon maturation sepals are explained, the fruit turns orange, semi-transparent, soft, delicious, fragrant, separates easily from the base. Flowering takes place according to the latitude in May or June while the fruit ripens in July or August.

The fruits of ‘cloudberry’ contain a lot of vitamin C and trace elements.

It prefers sunny areas or partial shade.


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