CHOKEBERRY RED Aronia Arbutifolia


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Medium-sized shrub, native to North America; develops many erect stems, densely branched, which reach 90-150 cm in height. The lanceolate leaves are bright green, turn reddish or orange in autumn, before falling. In late spring it produces large bunches of white-pink flowers, with five petals; in summer, the flowers follow small roundish, pendulous fruits that turn red when ripe

The fruits have the size of a pea, they can remember the blueberries in their appearance, but not in the taste that is much more astringent. Maturation takes place in autumn and a period of frost softens their taste; however they are more suitable for making jams. The berries are transformed into juices, which are consumed like raisins, partially dried.

The RED Aronia has remarkable properties is rich in vitamin K which is indirectly useful to form and keep our bones strong as well as to the blood coagulation, besides there are numerous mineral salts. However, the antioxidant properties recognized as most active in the Melanocarpa Aronia berries are: anthocyanins and polyphenols, in particular flavonoids, they contribute in a marked way to the containment of the formation of free radicals that are responsible for cellular aging.

Place in a sunny place, or partially shaded; they do not fear cold and can withstand very harsh temperatures.


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