CAPE GOOSEBERRY ‘Physalis Peruviana’ Orange Fruit


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PHYSALIS PERUVIANA is a perennial plant that produces edible berries; It belongs, like the tomato and the potato, to the Solanaceae family. It is a perennial herb and is easily recognized by the calyxes that surround the berry, similar to small orange lanterns.

The only edible part of the plant, they are usually ripe in September and have the shape of a small cherry, the taste is reminiscent of that of raspberry. From the berries you can make an excellent jam. They can be eaten alone or added to salads. If dried slightly they can be put in vinegar or brine.

Contains a huge amount of vitamin C, citric acid, tannin and sugar. In herbal medicine it was used for diseases in which there was a need for a marked diuretic action. They are prepared candied or covered with dark chocolate.

It is easily cultivated, it gives rise to a creeping rhizome buried very deeply: in this way the propagation and revegetation following the winter stasis is allowed.


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