Pot: ‎Ø 14 cm – H. 40/50 cm




The Calathea Musaica Network really attracts attention. Once you take a close look at the incredible veins of the mosaic-shaped leaf blade, it will be almost hard to believe that it is all the work of mother nature.

This is not the only special feature of Calathea Musaica, in fact Calathea has strong purifying properties of the air. This means that the plant not only produces extra oxygen, but also filters harmful substances from the air. Another special feature is the fact that its leaves move. A characteristic to which the plant owes its nickname of “living plant”. Its leaves open in the morning to capture the light, and in the evening they close by rising upwards. This opening and closing looks a bit like hands in prayer, which is why Calathea is also called the “prayer plant”. The movements the plant makes are so quick that you can actually hear the leaves rustle between them!

Calathea Musaica needs moist soil, lots of humidity and lots of light but not direct sun. It will grow even faster with a monthly dose of liquid fertilizer in the spring and summer.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Pot: CM/LT

POT: Ø CM 14 – Liters: 1,2, POT: Ø CM 17 – Liters: 2,9


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