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Calathea Exotica is a genus of plant belonging to the Marantaceae family. There are a large number of species in the genus. Calathea is native to the Americas. This variety of Calathea Exotica has smiling leaves that are the main attraction for lovers of indoor plants. Calathea Exotica has large, elongated silvery green leaves, with regular dark green stripes coming from the center.

Calathea Exotica requires indirect sunlight, but they tolerate low light conditions, so your plant will expand fairly quickly. Never let the water stagnate in the vase. Water only when the soil begins to dry out. Slightly reduce watering in winter.


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Weight 5 kg
Pot: CM/LT

POT: Ø CM 14 – Liters: 1,2, POT: Ø CM 18 – Liters: 3,2


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