BRAZILIAN GUAVA ‘Psidium Guineense’


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Brazilian Guava is native to the Americas, where its natural extension extends from Mexico to Argentina and includes parts of the Caribbean. It has been widely introduced to other parts of the world. It is nationalized in some parts of India.

Può essere un arbusto alto da 1 a 3 metri o un albero che raggiunge i 7 metri. La corteccia e il fogliame sono grigiastri. Le foglie sono lunghe fino a 14 centimetri per 8 di larghezza. Le lame rigide a forma ovale hanno talvolta bordi dentati. Le parti inferiori sono molto ghiandolari e rivestite di peli pallidi o rossastri. I fiori crescono sugli assi delle foglie, singolarmente o in gruppi di fino a 3. Il fiore ha una corolla bianca e molti stami.  È fragrante.

The Brazilian Guava are very small (1 cm in diameter) and generally do not exceed the size of a golf ball. The Brazilian guava skin changes from light to golden yellow when it matures. The guaiave emanate a floral aroma and fruity very biting. The pulp is a reflection of the skin; an intense, soft yellow color, with very small seeds very hard. The Brazilian guavas have a sweet tropical flavor similar to ananas, papaya and banana. The whole fruit is edible.

Guava is rich in antioxidants, more than all the other fruits, and contains much more vitamin C than orange; It can also boast a high amount of dietary fiber and a substantial presence of minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper and phosphorus. Guava seeds have a very good vitamin A content, vitamins of the B complex, vitamin E and iodine. Guava leaves are rich in chlorophyll.

The plant grows better on sunny sites with humid and fertile soils, but is tolerant to a wide range of conditions and can grow in troubled areas and difficult soils. It does not tolerate salinity or flooded substrates. In Brazil it is more common in coastal areas.


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