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Black Sapote, or black zapote, chocolate tree or black persimmon: here are some of the names with which it is called the Diospiros digyna, a plant native to Mexico and Guatemala.

The fruit of the chocolate plant has a dark brownish flesh that appears pasty. The sweetish taste and consistency remind the chocolate cream. Precisely for this reason its pulp is often transformed into mousse, oppurespalmata on bread and biscuits. It also becomes a healthy ingredient to be used for desserts and desserts, for the preparation of jams, puddings and smoothies.

The fruits are round and take on a light green color, which darkens and turns towards brown once it has reached maturity. They are eaten when they are very soft.

The consistency of the black zapote can very closely resemble that of a cacus, a fruit whose flavor is not always particularly appreciated. But the taste of the fruit of the chocolate tree is unmistakable. That’s why we could define the black zapote as the fruit of gluttons. It could also please the children without problems.

They are rich in vitamin C – they contain 4 times more than a common orange – and low in fat. They supply important mineral salts such as calcium and phosphorus.

The Black Sapote adapts easily to any type of soil, but for optimal cultivation it is best if the soil is to be maintained, well drained and constantly humid. Can not stand winter frosts.


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