BANANO BLUE JAVA ‘Musa Acuminata’


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The tree of the Blue Java ‘Musa Acuminata’ can reach a height of between 4 and 6 meters and extends for about 3 meters in width. Huge silver-green leaves are arranged around a very vigorous trunk which, together with a root system that is also robust, gives the plant great resistance to the wind. Blue Java also tolerates the cold very well, managing to survive temperatures down to -7 degrees.

The Blue Java banana, a particular fruit that grows in Central America, Southeast Asia, Hawaii and the Fiji Islands. Exotic in appearance and also in taste: the fruit, in fact, is characterized by a creamy consistency, more similar to that of ice cream than to that of a common banana, and by a sweet flavor that recalls vanilla. Features that have given Blue Java the nickname of banana-ice cream. Blue Java takes its name from the characteristic blue color that the fruit takes on when it is unripe.

The Blue Java tree, thanks to its characteristics – cold resistance, size and unusual color of the fruit – has also established itself as an ornamental and shading plant.


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