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Annona muricata is a plant belonging to the annonaceae family that produces a fruit commonly called Graviola, Guanàbana, Corasòl or Corossole.

It is a strictly tropical tree native to the low humid lands of the Caribbean that can go up to 1,500 meters above sea level. only at the equator, while at tropical latitudes it does not go beyond 500 m. In Florida it survives only in the far south, protected from the northerly winds. The plant shows signs of suffering already at 5 ° C, defoliates at 2 ° C and dies at 0 ° C.

The tree reaches a height of 8-12 meters and has little branching. The flowers are oblong and have three sepals and three petals of green and yellow color.

Guanabana is 20-30 cm long with a thin dark green skin and soft spines, which can weigh up to 2.5 kg. Internally it is white, soft, juicy and very sweet.

Guanabana contains a good percentage (about 20%) of sugars, a fair amount of protein and is rich in vitamin C.

Negli ultimi anni è stato ipotizzato che il suo consumo sarebbe di aiuto a combattere il cancro: i risultati delle ricerche non sono al momento definitivi pur avendo riscontrato una riduzione del potenziale metastatico per alcuni tipi di neoplasia.

Guanàbana is native to tropical areas, but at altitudes above 1000 m (Andean highlands of Ecuador and Peru), so it also thrives well in subtropical and warm temperate climates. The optimal temperatures for the development of the anona are 18-25 ° C in summer and not less than 5 ° C in winter, while if they drop below zero, the plant suffers from serious damage; it is also sensitive to freezing. In terms of soil, a rich, deep and fresh, slightly humid substrate is preferable but since it is an adaptable plant, it also grows on clayey and calcareous soils, provided they are well drained. The location must be in full sun.


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