ANNONA ATEMOYA – Atemoya ‘African Pride’


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The Annona Atemoya, Annona squamosa x A. cherimola is a hybrid between the two varieties, both originating from the Neotropics. This fruit is popular in Taiwan where it is known as pineapple cream.

Atemoya is normally heart-shaped or rounded, with an uneven, rough, light green skin. Near the stem, the peel is rough, but it becomes softer on the underside. The pulp is not segmented as in the other annona varieties. It is very juicy and soft, has a slightly sweet and slightly acidic flavor, reminiscent of piña colada. The flavor can also be reminiscent of vanilla. When ripe, the fruits can be eaten fresh.

African Pride: is a cultivar native to South Africa. In 1961, it was introduced to Queensland, Australia. It is an early cultivar and regularly bears moderate quality fruit.

It is native to tropical areas, but at altitudes above 1000 m, therefore it grows well even in subtropical and warm temperate climates. The optimal temperatures for the development of the anona are 18-25 ° C in summer and not less than 5 ° C in winter, while if they drop below zero, the plant suffers from serious damage; it is also sensitive to freezing. In terms of soil, a rich, deep and fresh, slightly humid substrate is preferable but since it is an adaptable plant, it also grows on clayey and calcareous soils, provided they are well drained. The location must be in full sun.


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