Pot: ‎Ø 19 cm – H. 80/90 cm




Alocasia zebrina owes its name to the unique and eye-catching yellow and black zebra markings found on its stems that contrast with its lush green leaves. Its leaves are believed to reflect the floppy ears of an elephant – hence the other name of the alocasia zebrina, “elephant ear”.

Its leaves are as fascinating as its stems, thanks to their funnel-shaped concavity and pronounced veins that are not unlike those seen on a human body. Native to Southeast Asia, the exotic alocasia zebrina is familiar with the rainforest floor – meaning it loves a humid environment.

Alocasia zebrina needs moist soil, so be sure to keep yours well watered being careful not to let those roots rot. The secret? Water little and often (two or three times a week). For best results, plant it in a pot with a drainage hole so excess water can drain out easily. During the winter months slow down with watering and place the plant in a warm, bright spot.

Be careful not to expose it to too much direct sunlight will burn its waxy leaves. That’s why we suggest you snap yours near a south-facing window, in a spot that receives some direct light around a corner or through a set of shutters. Do you have a frosted glass window in your bathroom? Consider it the perfect combination of moisture and light for your new green friend.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Pot: CM/LT

POT: Ø CM 14 – Liters: 1,2, POT: Ø CM 19 – Liters: 3,5


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