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Alocasia cucullata is a beautiful green plant with heart-shaped leaves. It has dense growth and transforms your living room or office into an exotic place.

Alocasia cucullata is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. The leaves of this exotic plant are dark green and have a beautiful sheen. The plant has a dense growth with many leaves clustered close together and can reach a height of 100/150 centimeters or more. Caring for this plant is easy. In a living room or office, Alocasia cucullata will create an exotic and green oasis of rest.

Alocasia cucullata is an easy plant to grow. He lives in a place with a lot of light but also in dim light. If this plant is placed in direct sunlight the leaves will turn yellow. Keep the soil very moist: this species likes “wet feet”. As long as the plant is grown indoors, the Alocasia cucullata has few temperature requirements, while outdoors it must not drop below 10 ° C. If you add liquid fertilizer from time to time, Alocasia cucullata will continue to develop even during the winter.


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