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Evergreen climbing plant, native to China, Japan and Korea. The thin stems, flexible, green-brown, have rapid and vigorous growth, and can be made to develop on walls or trellises or leave the ground, using the plant as a dense ground cover. The leaves are palmate, dark green, dull and waxy, divided into five small oval leaves, sometimes elongated; typically the new leaves are reddish.

  • diuretic action
    analgesic action
    Action for treatment similar to that offered by milk
    anti-inflammatory properties
    antifungal properties
    stimulating properties
    healing properties
    laxative properties
    healing properties for menopausal problems
    stomach protective action
    therapeutic properties against infections of the urinary tract
    anticancer properties

The Akebia quinata is a plant that seduces, because its flowers mixed (male and female) that grow in clusters, have a special and delicious fragrance. The fruit of Akebia quinata is an edible pod, emitting a very delicate and intoxicating aroma. It has a strange form long, and it contains the edible pulp. In late summer the fruit ripens and opens by itself, revealing its seeds irregularly made of brown scuro.Il fruit is very sweet, leaving a very special taste in the mouth. It has a feature juicy texture. The external skin of the fruit is edible Unlike the fruit, the peel has a slightly bitter taste.

put in full sun; this plant also easily withstand the mezzombra and is also developed in full shade, where, however, produce few flowers. The akebia not fear the cold and can withstand very harsh winters.

Predilige zone soleggiate, o mezz’ombra.


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