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The Pasini family has ancient origins in the country of Montichiari, when the Longhi counts founded the city of Montichiari on 23 April 1167, they entrusted some plots of land to the families who resided in the territory, including the Pasini family.These families were marked with the name of “ANCIENT ORIGINS“.

Over the centuries the Pasini family cultivated the land in the town of Monteclario, which then underwent several changes over the centuries, Monteclaro (XIII century), Montechiaro (XVI century), Montechiaro sul Chiese (1877) and finally Montichiari.It begins to speak of “nursery” only after the mid-nineteenth century with Paolo Pasini (1848-1908), who in 1870 began cultivating in the lands inherited from his ancestors some varieties of garden plants. The idea of ​​”nursery” was far from the one we have today, we cultivated fruit plants also for the sale of fruit and not only of the plants themselves.

When Paul died in 1908 he left everything in the hands of his son Pietro (1882 – 1949) – who had already approached the world of plants at a young age.

But he will only be with Francesco (1914-1996), son of Pietro , that we will start talking about real cultivation of Plants and Flowers.

Under his guide, in fact, around the middle of the last century, Nurseries Pasini by Francesco Pasini was born, later modified with the addition of the word “Sons” regarding the collaboration of the family in the work of the company.

With Francesco we start, in addition to the cultivation of plants, also in the creation and maintenance of gardens. Which then became the main activity of the company over the years.

Andrea Pasini (born 1956) (one of the three children) in 1981 decided, with the help of his father Francesco and with the help of his wife Giuliana, to open one of the the first Garden Centers in the province of Brescia, the


still today considered one of the fixed points among all the Lombard Garden Centers

With the entry of Valentino (casse 1986) (Andrea’s son) in the company it was decided to keep up with the times, and to bring your own experience, your passion, and the desire to always discover the latest news on the market, outside the Brescia area, reaching national borders first, and then international.

So we decide to open the shop online, in November 2015 was born:


Given the success achieved already the first two years from the opening of the online store, in January 2018 the Pasini family decides to open another online store:


Store entirely dedicated to the sale of Grafted Grapevine plants, vines that were already sold at the time of the grandfather Francesco, grafting them with his own hands, today things have changed, the rooted vines sold are produced by the best professionals of vine cuttings in Italy to always have the best product on the market.

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